Barkley is Heuver Tyrewholesale's promising new tyre brand for the European agricultural market

- PRESS RELEASE- An exclusive contract for importing and distributing Barkley agricultural tyres has allowed Heuver Tyrewholesale to add an attractive new option to its comprehensive range of tyres. Heuver decided to include this very promising brand to its range after extensive testing had been carried out. The brand catches the eye thanks to its wide variety and excellent price/quality ratio. Heuver expects Barkley to play an important role in the export markets to Eastern and Southern Europe, as well as the Scandinavian countries.

Exclusive contract
Bertus Heuver, director Heuver Tyrewholesale: “For quite some time, we had been looking for a new brand of agricultural tyres which was able to combine choice, quality and value for money. And Barkley has given us what we were looking for, particularly because we have been able to agree an exclusive contract for the European market. We will be focusing on the Eastern and Southern European markets, as well as Scandinavia. There is a great deal of mutual trust and both parties recognise the available opportunities. We think the market is ready for Barkley, considering the fact that price and quality are decisive factors when people buy tyres. We have noticed that European customers are – rightfully! – very critical on this front. And that is exactly why we added Barkley to our range. Thanks to its excellent price/quality ratio, it will quickly become popular in the European market. We want to offer our customers the widest possible choice.”

Price diversity
“The inclusion of Barkley has added greater price diversity to our range”, adds Bertus Heuver. “We are able to offer a generous choice in every segment. Besides our comprehensive tyre-related service, we have traditionally focussed on variety and quality. Barkley is perfectly compatible with this vision and is immediately available in over 40 sizes in the 65, 70 and 85 series. In a few months' time, this will be further expanded to 70 sizes, also in the 80 and 90 series. The radial tyres have an excellent profile, deliver good traction and stability, and offer superb performance when it comes to driving comfort, operating hours and fuel consumption. We have encapsulated these qualities using the ‘Feel the Difference’ slogan.”