Order tyres anywhere using the Heuver Tyre app - even without internet connection

PRESS RELEASE - Heuver Tyrewholesale recently further upgraded its Tyre app because it is an essential part of the company's multi-channel strategy. The app, which was an immediate success and often used for reference purposes, now allows tyre orders to be placed from any location - both online and offline. The new app is Heuver's latest innovation aimed at meeting the needs of customers. This initiative is part of a continuous process because Heuver always listens to what customers want.

Start small, expand gradually

Bertus Heuver, director Heuver Tyrewholesale: “Our app became even more popular after we introduced the previous upgrade because, together with the Heuver Tyre handbook, it was a perfect source of information. Since then, customers have asked us if it would be possible to place orders via the app. In all honesty, that's the response we were hoping for and already taken it into account during the development phase. Nonetheless, we first wanted the market to become familiar with the Tyre handbook and the app. In other words, start small and then expand gradually. The fact that we have now taken the next step, means the market is quick to accept new innovations. And we want to remain front-runners in innovation. Customers are now able to place their tyre and bonus shop orders whenever they want - even without internet connection. It doesn't get easier than that. We thus now offer maximum ordering convenience; online, offline and via the phone.”

Free download

After the Heuver Tyre app was introduced, it was closely followed by a technical upgrade which offered additional features like higher download speed and large photo formats. This made the app more effective as a source of information. Bertus Heuver: “Because our customers can use a laptop, tablet or smartphone to place orders when visiting their customers, they can maximise their possibilities and improve customer focus. As always, we will make sure that orders are delivered as quickly as possible. The new app is available for free from the Apple store and Google Play store. Our aim is to offer better service, which is why the app is free of charge." The app can be downloaded via www.heuver.com/app. Available in German, English, French and Dutch.