New BeLux account manager

-PRESS RELEASE- In mid-March, Heuver Tyrewholesale appointed Bert Vreys as its new account manager for Belgium and Luxembourg. During the course of 2015, Heuver decided that its agricultural sector, which is where the company's roots lie, required greater focus. Heuver created the required framework by restructuring its agricultural department and promoting Pieter Dubois from within the company. As the result, the agricultural department is now at full strength. By appointing Bert Vreys as new BeLux account manager, Heuver will once again be fully represented in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Develop European market

Bertus Heuver, director Heuver Tyrewholesale: “A company is only as strong as the people it employs, and it is essential for these people to have the required level of commitment. Knowledge is important, but no more than passion for products and the profession. These are important principles in a family business like ours. But we must be careful to not overload our staff. Because when Pieter Dubois became Agricultural Product manager last year, he also remained responsible for his customers in Belgium and Luxembourg. That is why we are so pleased to appoint Bert Vreys as account manager for these two countries. This will allow Pieter to fully focus on his task as Product manager. We are now able to give the BeLux market the attention it deserves, while continuing to develop our European agricultural market. And these efforts will put us in a stronger position.”

Personal contacts

Bert Vreys (41) started his tyre career at Michelin in 2009. Vreys: “I am extremely pleased with this new step in my career. In my past jobs at companies like Michelin, I developed a lot of product knowledge about truck, agricultural and earth-moving tyres. I can now use this knowledge at Heuver, once I gradually start taking over the customer portfolio previously managed by Pieter Dubois. One of my first objectives is to pay a visit to all customers as soon as possible. I think personal contact is one of the ways to create extra opportunities in this sector.”