Celebratory Heuver waves goodbye to director Jan Heuver

-PRESS RELEASE- Heuver Tyrewholesale celebrated its 50th anniversary during an understated gathering last week. Of course, director Bertus Heuver took a moment to consider how far the company had come. But he mainly looked ahead and announced the departure of his brother Jan as co-director, now that he has reached retirement age. As financial director, Marc Luttikhuis will now be responsible for financial tasks. That said, Jan will continue to be associated with the company as advisor. To his great surprise, Jan - who had always been very socially engaged - had the Foundation Jan established in his name to commemorate his departure.

Pride and passion

Jan Heuver has left his role as director of Heuver Tyrewholesale and Heuver's 13 Profile Tyrecenter branches because he is nearing retirement age. Nonetheless, it has been difficult saying goodbye to the charismatic director. Jan Heuver had been associated with the company for 49 years and, by continuously chasing his dream, guaranteed Heuver's success and leading position in Europe. Almost from the very outset, his passion and style of working resulted in growth. Jan is a real people's person and a bridge-builder, and was always able to find the best employees. The company was also able to earn exclusive import contracts thanks to his international contacts. But the 50th anniversary is a fantastic moment to say goodbye. Jan Heuver will remain connected to Heuver as an advisor. As of 1 May, Marc Luttikhuis will become responsible for a lot of the financial matters in his role as financial director.

Major surprise

Jan Heuver: “I did my work with pleasure and passion. I was particularly proud of the great team of people I encountered every day ­ in our wholesale activities and at the 13 Profile Tyrecenter branches. After all, they make the company and make a difference. Every day, they promote our great products and give their utmost. We have come a long way over the past fifty years, but everything felt very natural. The company now has solid foundations, so I thought the time was right to take a back seat. It was a huge surprise to be given the Foundation Jan! as a gift to commemorate my retirement. The underlying idea is to offer employment opportunities to underprivileged young people. Activities will take a more concrete form in the near future. It's an excellent idea and a superb gift! Naturally, I will remain involved with our company. I will continue to offer my ideas and look forward to meeting many of the same people again. Because Heuver would not be where it is today without our many loyal customers.”