Eye-catching Heuver a success at Reifen 2016

-PRESS RELEASE- The four exhibition days at Reifen 2016 were a great success for Heuver Tyrewholesale. The business has put itself firmly in the spotlight with its two import brands Aeolus and Barkley. At Reifen 2016, Heuver had one stand for Barkley and a large and very open combined stand for Heuver and Aeolus. "Our decision to use a transparent stand made our presence extra eye-catching", said Bertus Heuver, director of Heuver Tyrewholesale.

No secrecy

"In the run-up to Reifen 2016, we wanted our largest stand to make a connection between our vision and our image", said Bertus. "The basic premise of the exhibition is that our clients can always rely on our 5 Guarantees. This means that we are fully transparent and that getting the best for our clients is the fuel for our drive to succeed. There was therefore no secrecy: no booths, no stage, no selection on the door. That's not how we work. We wanted our stand to be very open, and actively show that transparency is more than just a word to us. Making contact with existing and potential clients was more important than showcasing lots of tyres. And judging by the number of excellent conversations we conducted, I can say that this approach was a great success. What better way to mark our company's 50th anniversary year?

NEO series well received

Bertus Heuver: "We also had lots of tyre news to share. For example, we are extremely happy with Aeolus's new tyre line: the NEO series. As of autumn this year, this series will make our market position even stronger. The tyres attracted a great deal of interest. Furthermore, the Aeolus TransAce van tyres tied in perfectly with the truck-tyre programme. We expect a great deal amount from this new series once the new all-season tyres are launched. In general, we can see that Aeolus's vision for the future and new technology will greatly strengthen our competitive position, including in the OEM market."

The many years of close collaboration with Aeolus, the high quality of the tyres, the permanent stock and the services Heuver provides have also helped realise an increasing market share in the earth-moving sector. Bertus Heuver: "Maximum service and product knowledge, as well as rapid delivery, are the key attributes of Aeolus EM. The factory knows this too, and for this reason one of our employees served as an EM specialist at the Aeolus stand to answer any specialist earth-moving questions that visitors had. This is a perfect example of how closely we co-operate.

Turning up the volume

At Heuver's Barkley stand at Reifen 2016, there was a great deal of interest in the new truck and trailer tyres. Bertus Heuver: "Following the quiet build-up to our exclusive European contract with Barkley, we will no doubt be turning up the volume in the years to come. We started by creating agricultural and earth-moving tyres with the Barkley brand, which were extremely well received. The demand for these products is visibly increasing. At the trade fair, we also saw that Europe is ready for the new + series of truck tyres, the new BL621 and BL826 on/off-road tyres and the brand new, extremely strong BLT08 trailer tyres. Reifen 2016 came along at exactly the right moment. The market is going to hear a lot more from Barkley in the future."