Heuver improves search feature and filter on web-shop

-PRESS RELEASE- Following feedback from customers, and considering the latest technological possibilities, Heuver's online specialists have decided to take the next remarkable step with the company's web-shop. The aim is to offer customers improved search and filter options, with a lot more intuitive choices, so they can find the products they are looking for without having to waste their precious time. In short, these changes will help to improve convenience.

Approach for smart searches

Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale: “We are continuously asking our customer to share their experiences with our online ordering options. New technological possibilities are always being encountered, and can be used to translate their experiences into improved convenience. Even though feedback shows that we are doing well on this front, we always want to go a step further. However, our digital tools must always serve a purpose and not be introduced for the sake of it. They have to help our customers to easily and quickly find what they are looking for. No more, no less. Technology does not stand still and our people are always able to incorporate useful innovations. And this contributes to our aim of being the most customer-oriented tyre wholesaler. Naturally, we will always be open to development-related suggestions from our customers.”

Web-shop with improved search and filter options

For most users, the search feature is the most important part of the web-shop. Once again, changes to the search feature were based on customer feedback. It is now even easier to find the tyres people are looking for, because smart filters allow only specific tyres to be displayed. These filters offer customers another way of searching through the whole range of tyres. For example, based of M+S codes or other tyre properties. The search engine has also been optimised: the search bar is now even smarter, which means it is now possible to search in almost any conceivable manner and find the required products. This can, for example, be done using the match code, EAN and fast search code, or using the various sizes.