Heuver prevents delays by buying extra fork-lift trucks

-PRESS RELEASE- The growth realised by Heuver Tyrewholesale this year has already led to an increase in storage capacity. Higher sales and more stocks also mean an increase in loading and unloading activities at the warehouse in Hardenburg. Heuver has now purchased three new fork-lift trucks in order to safeguard delivery times. When doing so, developments in tyre sizes were taken into account to, for example, cater for ever larger agricultural tyres. The new fork-lift trucks are more powerful and have a tyre clamp with a larger opening range.

Prevent delays
“Due to an increase in tyre sales this year, we had already decided to increase meterage to deal with an increase in stocks”, says Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale. “However, higher sales and more tyres in stock also mean more loading and unloading activities in the warehouse. We thought the existing number of fork-lift trucks could put pressure on delivery times because, at a certain moment in time, it would not have been possible to load and unload all trucks on time. However, we have now avoided unnecessary delays by buying three new fork-lift trucks in one go. This will keep our customers satisfied and allow us to honour our promises.”

14 fork-lift trucks

“In addition, the purchase of new electrical fork-lift trucks gave us an opportunity to respond to developments in tyre sizes. Tyres are becoming bigger and bigger, particularly in the agricultural sector”, says Bertus Heuver. “The new fork-lift trucks feature a tyre clamp with a larger opening range - which means they can grip and move larger tyres - and are more powerful. This is safer, more effective and saves time. The two new 2.5-tonne and one 2-tonne fork-lift trucks mean we now deploy 14 fork-lift trucks. This means we can once again manage the pressure associated with order processing.”