Heuver Tyrewholesale rolls out web-shop for Italy

-PRESS RELEASE- The recently completed Spanish version of the Heuver web-shop is now being followed by an Italian version. Due to increasing demand, Heuver continues to expand its catchment area in Europe. And Italy is the ideal country because it allows the international tyre wholesaler to showcase its entire range. It is a country with large transport, agricultural and earth-moving sectors. So the Italian web-shop offers Heuver many opportunities.

Intent on staying
Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale: “We have established many contacts in Italy over the past few decades, with producers, fellow wholesalers and customers alike. In the meantime, we have seen major growth in our Italian customer portfolio. The Italian market is very versatile, which is great for our own import brands. Once volume in Italy rose above a certain level, we made the decision to introduce a web-shop in Italian so we could make things as easy as possible for our Italian customers. At the same time, the move shows that we take the Italian market seriously and are intent on staying there.”

From Northern to Southern Europe
“By introducing the web-shop in Italy, we now cover the European market from northern Sweden to southern Italy and southern Spain”, says Bertus Heuver. “But we realise that this large market will also present some logistical challenges. Not when it comes to the timing of transport, but more so in terms of stock management. So we are considering steps to cater for this in Hardenberg. However, our web-shop and range will primarily be designed so we continue to appeal to all our customers. Our bulk buying policy means stocks and price will remain as attractive as ever. And we will continue to be equally effective when it comes to service.”
The addition of the Italian version means the Heuver web-shop is now available in six languages (Dutch, German, French, English, Spanish and Italian).