Heuver’s Marketing department ready for ‘maximum attack’

-PRESS RELEASE- Heuver’s Marketing department has slightly shifted its focus and the team has increased in size. This means the department is perfectly equipped to immediately support the company's ambitious sales plans. ‘Ready for maximum attack’, as they say. These changes are part of objectives that Heuver Tyrewholesale has set itself for the coming years.

Challenging undertaking
Heuver has witnessed an increase in search and ordering activities in its web-shop. The company has responded by slightly shifting its focus and employing more people in its marketing department. “Even since it was founded in 2008, our company's Marketing department has been responsible for managing and enhancing the web-shop channel”, says Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale: “Our share of ‘digital’ products continues to increase, and this growth will only be intensified by our new sites in Spanish, Italian, Romanian and - very shortly - Finnish. We will need to manage this very closely, while continuing to place great emphasis on technical development and convenience. In addition, we also want to improve personal contact. Our customers have come to expect a lot from us, and we are accustomed to delivering what they need. And the Marketing department is in the centre of all this action, which is a challenging undertaking! Thanks to a few changes and several new members of staff, the team is now ready to adopt an effective and refreshing approach to the plans for 2017.”

Ambitious sales plans

In the new set-up, Chris van den Ende will serve as marketing manager, Maureen Voortman will focus on communication, the press and commercial activities, while Taika Laarman will act as offline marketeer. The new additions include Elisa Zwanepol, Dennis Heerink (both online marketeers) and Eline ten Heuw (design/DTP). Bertus Heuver: “This intensification and reallocation of tasks has given ‘Marketing’ the capacity needed to effectively support product managers and account managers within our ambitious sales plans. The board feels this is a prerequisite if we want to continue our current growth. We will also launch innovative initiatives in the New Year, but will always fully focus on our customers.”