Heuver’s remoulded tyres

Heuver Tyrewholesale has a large range of remoulded tyres on offer. Our house brand Maxfield, is a good example. Maxfields are brilliant tyres at an attractive price.

Naturally the tyre casings and used tyres are thoroughly inspected, as remoulded tyres also have to meet our high quality standards. If the tyres are approved, we then apply a new tread with the desired profile onto the existing casing. This is done according to the specifications of the customer. Tyre remoulding is exclusively carried out by recognised and specialised companies.

House brand Maxfield

Maxfield remoulded OTR tyres are high-quality remoulds on top brand casings and available in all Michelin profiles. If you are unable to find the type or size tyre that you require, you can always contact our OTR tyre department.

Order remoulded tyres online

If you don’t have any specific questions, but wish to know what remoulded tyres Heuver has in stock, please visit our webshop. Fill out the registration form to see more product information and place your order online.