Heuver’s retreaded tyres

Retreaded tyres are older tyres that have been recoated with a rubber veneer of tread. These retreaded tyres are an effective way of recycling old tyres. These retreaded tyres also make it possible to replace worn tyres without incurring a great deal of expense.

How does the retreading process work?
Retreading tyres involves taking a tyre that is in good condition and adding another layer of rubber over the worn tread. This replacement treading adheres to the original tyre and is applied using methods that help it bond to the older tyre so strongly that it is difficult - if not impossible - to tell the difference between retread tyres and new tyres. This bonding quality is also an important safety measure, since the bond must be strong enough to preclude the veneer from detaching after only a short period of use.

Order retread OTR tyres online
Heuver also sells used quality tyres, including the Aeolus brand. If you wish to know which retread tyres Heuver has in stock, please visit our webshop. Fill out the registration form to see more product information and place your order online. Should you have any questions, or want the right advice, please feel free to contact one of our expert staff.