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Are you looking for truck tyres? Then Heuver Tyrewholesale is the right place to be! At Heuver you find a full range of tyres, wheels and parts for trucks, trailers, earthmoving and agricultural machinery. With over 45 years of experience we have become one of the largest tyre specialists in Europe.

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The importance of good truck tyres

What is the best truck tyre for your customer? In order to be able to answer that question, we need to carefully consider a number of things. Is it for international transport or for shorter distances? Does it concern a towing vehicle (truck tyres) or a vehicle that is being towed (trailer tyres)? Is the vehicle driven in dry or wet conditions or in snow? Are you looking for the best possible quality or do you opt for a competitive price?

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The specialists in our Truck and Trailer department will be pleased to assist you and give your customers in the road transport those tyres that provide them with optimum safety, an as low as possible cost price per kilometre and maximum comfort. At Heuver you can count on:

  • Expert and detailed advice for the best truck tyres; 
  • Competitive prices through scale purchasing; 
  • A covering distribution network throughout Europe; 
  • A professional assortment of accessories.

And whether you choose a reputable A brand or an excellent B brand (such as Aeolus), at Heuver you will only find truck tyres of high quality. And any truck tyres which are unexpectedly not in stock can mostly be found by us for you (with fast delivery times!)

In our webshop you can find detailed information on our complete range of truck tyres. If you register you can easily order online 24/7. Please contact us for expert advice.

At Heuver Tyrewholesale you are at the right address for your truck tyres.