Tyre pressure trucks & trailers

Would you like to know the ideal tyre pressure for your truck or trailer? We would like to tell you everything about the correct tyre pressure.

Avoid unnecessary wear & tear on your truck tyres

Naturally, you want to avoid unnecessarily exposing patterns and casings to abnormal loads and wear. This can be done by using the correct pressure in your truck and trailer tyres. Your tyres will be overly compressed if you drive at low pressure and high speeds. This means they will become too hot and the side wall will be exposed to excessive loads. This will in turn accelerate wear & tear and reduce the tyre’s performance.

Refer to tyre manufacturer’s use table

The tyre pressure for your specific situation will be determined by the wheel load and speed during use. So first determine the total weight of the transport and how fast you can drive. Refer to the tyre manufacturer’s use table to find the correct tyre pressure. Thus no general table or the table for another brand because there can be major differences between the various brands. Our experts will always help you to find the right tyre, for the right purpose and at the right pressure.

Benefits of correct pressure

It is important to use the correct tyre pressure if you want to exploit the tyre’s maximum load-bearing capacity. For instance, tyre pressure that is too high or too low will cost your business money. And it will also reduce safety when driving. So regularly check the tyre pressure and take advantage of these benefits:

  • the truck/trailer can be loaded to the maximum limit;
  • the tyre will have a longer life-span;
  • there will be a positive impact on fuel economy; and
  • improved safety is guaranteed.