Tyre vulcanising: what is it?

Tyre vulcanising is the mixing and curing of rubber by adding chemicals (sulfur) under the influence of heat. Depending on the percentage of sulfur one gets a hardened rubber. The rubber becomes a more stable and flexible product.

Prior to the tyre vulcanising the rubber is stretchy and does not retain or return to its original state. After the tyre vulcanising the rubber becomes more elastic and flexible.

Through tyre vulcanising:

  • Rubber compound's strength is increased
  • All tyre components are "welded" onto each other
  • Tread pattern and sidewall graphics are "engraved" on the tyre

The tyre vulcanising process is a very important part of the tyre building process and brings all of the "ingredients" of the tyre together into its actual form. Heuver can be of help when it comes to tyre vulcanising repairing as this is one of the areas we are specialised in.

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