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  • Conversion possibilities tractor tyres

    In the case of four-wheel drive tractors, there is a close relationship between the dimensions of the front and rear tyres. The rolling circumference of the front and rear tyres must match the transmission ratio, the so-called front run-out. An incorrect lead can have adverse consequences.

  • TT or TL- tube type or tubeless tyres

    Apart from structure (radial or diagonal), size and profile, tyres can also be distinguished by whether they are TT (tube type) or TL (tube less) tyres. In this case, the former features an inner tube while the latter does not.

  • About Heuver

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    The Heuver range always features high quality truck tyres, whether by renowned premium brands or one of our excellent in-house brands. Furthermore, Heuver allows you to take advantage of over 50 years’ experience in truck tyres! We will always give you detailed professional advice about truck tyres that best suit your situation!

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