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  • The ideal tyre pressure for your agricultural tyres

    Tyre pressure. It sounds simple. And it is simple, as long as you know the ideal pressure for each situation. If tyre pressure is a little too high or too low, this can have a major impact on the work you carry out. Naturally, we are pleased to share our thoughts!

  • Fitting agricultural tyres

    A few very important safety and fitting guidelines must be complied with when replacing tractor tyres. It is an intensive job, so it would be wise to seek assistance from a (agricultural) tyre specialist. However, before getting started, make sure the new agricultural tyre is compatible with your wheel rim and will be used for its intended purpose.

High quality agricultural tyres

No other tyres require as much specialised know-how as agricultural tyres. You probably don’t need to be reminded of this. For example, do you want agricultural tyres that minimise track-forming? Would you prefer dual assembly? Or perhaps water-filled tyres are exactly what you need? No matter what you are looking for, we will be able to help you! Take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge about agricultural tyres. And we like sharing it so you can offer your customers the best possible support.

You can ask us anything about tyres

The Heuver range only features high quality agricultural tyres, whether by renowned A brands or one of our excellent in-house brands. Furthermore, Heuver allows you to take advantage of over 50 years’ experience in agricultural tyres! We will always give you detailed professional advice about agricultural tyres that best suit your situation!

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No other tyres require as much specialised know-how as agricultural tyres. That is why Heuver Tyrewholesale possesses a team of experienced specialists. We will find the very best agricultural tyres for every unique situation. Many things must be taken into account when buying new agricultural tyres. 

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