15-inch agricultural tyres

This trailer tyre, which is better known as an implement tyre, is available in many different dimensions and profiles. The most in-demand version is the 15-inch agricultural tyre. In fact, it is 15.3 inches, like e.g. type 11.5/80-15.3. Because they are not mounted on driven axles, they do not require traction. Allow us to tell you more about it because, naturally, we offer many different options!

Attractively priced: MRL and Alliance

15-inch agricultural tyres are used for carts, idlers, silage trailers, etc. The price of these tyres is a major factor when they are purchased. That is why Heuver offers two brands with a very good price/quality ratio when it comes to 15-inch tyres, namely MRL and Alliance.

Select your load/speed index

These 15-inch agricultural tyres can have different load/speed-indexes. Naturally, you should choose the tyre type that best suits your purpose and vehicle. We will be able to assist you, whether you require an 8PR tyre or a 22PR tyre. Sometimes, we are able to offer three different load/speed-indexes for one type of tyre. So please feel free to enquire about the options. The tyres are available as tube type or tubeless, depending on your preferences. Tubeless tends to be the most popular choice.

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Like to know more? Our experts will be pleased to assist you!

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