Agricultural companies require all-rounders

In modern agricultural companies, time is a decisive factor more so than ever before. Distances are often long and transport takes place over hard and soft roads, as well as the fields themselves. Companies thus benefit greatly if they can use a single tyre, which continues to perform effectively under various conditions.
Agricultural companies require all-rounders

Aeolus AE74 and AE77: real powerhouses

The Aeolus AE74 and AE77 flotation tyres have been developed to be driven at low and normal (higher) tyre pressures, with a minimum of wear and tear.
These flotation tyres are real powerhouses. They normally have a large volume, but are able to transport heavy loads at low tyre pressure. Due to this lower tyre pressure, the profile spreads out to cover a larger surface, thus creating softer tyre tracks. This creates considerably less pressure on the soil, thus reducing soil compaction. And this has a positive impact on later activities and yields.

Also suitable for the road

Besides a special rubber mix, the Aeolus AE74 also offers low rolling resistance. This guarantees lower fuel consumption in relation to comparable tyres. It is effective because it can be used at low tyre pressures, without making concessions in load-bearing capacity. And it is even suitable for driving on roads at speeds up to 65 km/h!
In practice, the AE77 has excelled thanks to its versatility and ability to reach up to 80 km/h with loads up to 7,100 kg. This greatly expands its possibilities for use.

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