Agricultural tyres on the road

More and more versions of agricultural tyres are being developed for specific applications. For instance, in recent years, various manufacturers have been developing so-called ‘road tyres’, which have been specially developed for driving on the road.
Agricultural tyres on the road

Different tread, no ridges

Enno Schottert, Product manager Agriculture at Heuver: “Naturally, this is a very small market because there are not many tractors that only drive on the road. However, in practice, you sometimes see tractors that spend 80% of their time on the road and 20% in the fields. It is also worth considering specific tyres in such cases.”

The tread of these tyres, in particular, differs from other tyres. This means they are not ridged tyres; more like blocked tyres. More rubber thus comes into contact with the road, which results in less wear and tear when driving. Also because road tyres can always be driven with the same pressure.

Look out for pressure and speed

It is important to have the right tyre pressure on the road so unnecessary wear and tear can be prevented to the pattern and casing. Avoid under-pressure, which will cause tyre pressure to become too high and place excessive pressure on the side wall of the tyres. You can avoid this by keeping pressure high enough and by making sure speed is not too high. How do you decide the correct pressure? This involves various factors and it is not easy to quickly provide an answer to this question. But we will be pleased to assist you!

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