Load/Speed-Index for agricultural tyres

The load index of an agricultural tyre can be found on the side of the tyre and is always mentioned together with the speed index. It is important for you to check whether you are using the right tyre for the weight in question, and whether you have used the right air pressure. Our product manager and agricultural expert Enno Schottert knows everything about this and is pleased to share his thoughts with you
Load/Speed-Index for agricultural tyres

Where do I find the load index?

The load index indicates how much weight the tyre is able to cope with (at the correct tyre pressure). The accompanying code can be found on the side of the tyre. Never exceed the load index mentioned on the tyre! The load index is used together with the speed index, which indicates the maximum speed at which you can drive with a tyre.

Visible on the tyre

Load-bearing capacity is normally shows as a PLY-rating (PR) or Load-Index (LI). Speed and load-bearing capacity are often also linked to each other, in which case we refer to a Load/Speed Index.

A Load/Speed Index of 133A8 means the lead-bearing capacity is 2060kg at a maximum speed of 40km/u.

VF tyres: 40% more weight

Enno says VF tyres are particularly effective when it comes to the load index: “The name of these agricultural tyres is an abbreviation of Very Increased Flexion and they can carry the same weight with 40% less tyre pressure. This means they cause less soil compaction than regular tyres. An additional advantage is that they are able to carry up to 40% extra weight at the same tyre pressure, compared to normal tyres.”

Increasingly bigger and wider

Heuver sometimes receives requests for tyres with a special load index, says Enno: “If an agricultural machine is being developed, manufacturers do not always pay attention to the tyres. As a result, once the design has been completed, they end up looking for tyres that do not yet exist. For example, with a particular height, width or load bearing capacity. And because machines are becoming ever bigger, the tyres they need are becoming increasingly wider, with larger air chambers and a higher load/speed-index. We always work with customers to find an appropriate solution, so people can drive their machines safely.

Like to know more?

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