M+S code: opt for safety!

When looking for winter tyres for your fleet, you will quickly encounter truck tyres with an M+S code. These letters mean the same thing in different languages: ‘Matsch’ + Schnee or Mud + Snow. These tyres are mandatory in many countries during the winter period. In short: tyres featuring an M+S code are a great option if you want to avoid fines and standstills. We will be pleased to explain the benefits.
M+S code: opt for safety!

Certainty in the winter

If you opt for M+S tyres you can also use your trucks in a reliable and cost-effective manner during the winter. Even if winter tyres are not mandatory or are only recommended, our advice is to mount winter tyres on all truck and bus axles. This will offer you the best tractions, high road safety and optimal driving stability on wet, snow-covered or icy roads.

Here is an overview of rules in the main European countries.

More effective tyres

The M+S-code on tyres means their pattern or structure performs more effectively on snow than standard tyres. The tyre’s side-wall will feature the ‘M+S’ code, which indicates that it is highly suitable for such conditions. A variety of M+S tyres can be found in our webshop, including by our in-house brands Aeolus and Barkley.

Want even better performance in the winter? Opt for 3PMSF!

Some tyres feature a mountain pictogram and a snowflake symbol (3PMSF). We refer to this marking as the ‘Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake’. In winter conditions, these tyres offer tried and tested performance when it comes to safety, handling and behaviour on the road. Tyres can only feature this marking if they pass a pre-determined practical test on a snow-covered road. When doing so, they must perform at least 25% better than standard tyres. That is the added value of the M+S code.

For more information about truck tyres, sizes and types, please visit the dedicated Aeolus website.

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