Load/Speed Index for OTR tyres

Bearing capacity is normally expressed by the Load Index (LI) on radial tyres or by the PLY rating (PR) on diagonal tyres. Speed and bearing capacity are often also linked; this is referred to as the Load/Speed Index.
Load/Speed Index for OTR tyres

Therefore, a Load/Speed Index of 133A8 means the bearing capacity is 2060kg at a maximum speed of 40km/h.

Specific speed indexes for OTR tyres

Purpose Maximum speed Accompanying speed index
Tyres for loaders 10 km/h A2
Industrial tyres 25 km/h A5
Grader tyres 40 km/h A8
Transport tyres 50 km/h B
Tyres for mobile cranes 70/80 km/h E/F

To effectively protect tyres, you must make sure that the speed index is not exceeded. In the interest of safety, it is sometimes necessary to implement a cooling down period for some tyres. This stops tyres from exploding after they have overheated. In addition, the air pressure inside the tyre is very important depending on the type of work you are carrying out. The production overview in this handbook mentions the recommended air pressure for each tyre.

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