Tyres for rigid or articulated dumpers

These vehicles have been designed for a single purpose - to transport heavy loads. This involves collecting the load at one site and then transporting it to another location, where it is unloaded. Depending on the setting, loads may need to be transported over distances between a few hundred metres and a few kilometres. Rigid or articulated dumpers then return empty to the original loading point, so the cycle can be repeated.
Tyres for rigid or articulated dumpers

Despite the weight, loads must also be transported reasonably quickly, which means speeds up to circa 25 km/h need to be realised. This means tyres with specific characteristics are required. They must be able to withstand heat development, which is caused by the load and the speed, and have high resistance against wear and tear. These vehicles must also remain functional as long as possible. Tyre changes are often hard work and take a lot of time to complete. So a high level of durability is a must.

And because these vehicles are normally deployed on unhardened roads and loose (rocky) surfaces, the treads and edges of tyres must be highly resistant against incisions.

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