Tyres for scrapers

To a certain extent, self-loading earth-moving machines are subject to the same conditions as rigid or articulated dumpers. Once again, loads are collected at one location and then transported to another location, where they are unloaded. The cycle is then repeated.
Tyres for scrapers

In general, scrapers do not travel long distances. The tyres mounted on these machines tend to be very similar to those mounted on rigid or articulated dumpers. They must be able to withstand the pressure caused by loads.

Tyres used on scrapers have a durable tread (low wear and tear), and the tread and edges are highly resistant against incisions. This is because unhardened and uneven surfaces are normally encountered.

Nonetheless, there are two special requirements for scrapers: it is very important for tyres to offer good traction, because vehicles also scoop up loads, and possess excellent flotation properties.

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