Which OTR tyres should you use for specific machines

Machines in the OTR or EM (Earthmover) categories have a unique code for their tyres. We are pleased to give you an overview, so you know which OTR tyres you should be using on specific machines.
Which OTR tyres should you use for specific machines

We are pleased to give you an overview below so that you know which OTR-tyres you can use for which machine.

The codes C, E, G and L

The side of the tyre features a code which corresponds with the purpose for which the tyre was developed. C stands for Compactor Roller and is accompanied by code C1, which means it is a patternless tyre.

E stands for Earthmoving, or dumpers/transporters. It comes with the following codes:
• E2: Traction
• E3: Rock, normal pattern
• E4: Rock, deep pattern
• E7: Flotation

G stands for Grader. It is accompanied by the following codes:
• G2: Traction
• G3: Rock, normal pattern
• G4: Rock, deep pattern
• G5: Rock, extra deep pattern

L is short for Loader, or wheel loader/dozer. It is used together with the following codes:
• L2: Traction
• L3: Rock, normal pattern
• L4: Rock, deep pattern
• L5: Rock, extra deep pattern
• L3S: Patternless
• L4S: Patternless, thick tread
• L5S: Patternless, extra thick tread

Useful infographic featuring all tyres

This infographic shows exactly which OTR tyres you can mount on specific machines; sorted by type of machine and brand.

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