Front axle tyres: what to look out for?

The front axle is an important position for a truck. After all, every steering movement of the driver affects it directly. That is why it is good to know what to look for when you want to buy front axle tyres that perfectly fit your needs and requirements. We list a number of characteristics for you.
Front axle tyres: what to look out for?

Good water drainage

Front axle tyres are the first tyres prone to aquaplaning. Since you naturally want to avoid this, tyres need good water drainage. This is indicated by the label "Wet grip". We also always indicate the label of our tyres in our web shop.

Good steering characteristics

Since the front axle is the axle used to steer the truck, good steering characteristics are a must for these tyres. Steering should be smooth. Furthermore, it is also nice if the front axle tyres have good properties for many miles straight ahead, i.e. without deviations to the left or right. So it's about a balance between these two.

Maximum roundness

Because the front axle tyres help determine driver comfort, we recommend choosing tyres with maximum roundness. Then they transmit as little vibration as possible. This is immediately noticeable in the cabin.

What type of vehicle is it?

Specific front axle tyres are available for each type of vehicle, so it is useful to know what you want to use them for. For example, for an international bus, it is important that the tyre transport the driver and passengers comfortably over long distances. A city bus especially needs front axle tyres with reinforced sidewalls because it has to deal with a lot of curbs. This is why the type of vehicle and deployment is so important in choosing the right tyre!

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