Reduce costs by selecting appropriate rolling resistance

You can save money by identifying the ideal rolling resistance for your truck tyres. Maurits Bloem, our Product manager Truck tyres, is pleased to explain exactly how this works.
Reduce costs by selecting appropriate rolling resistance

Reduce fuel costs via your tyres

“Tyres are very important for transporters. After all, they allow trucks to safely cover countless kilometres when travelling to their destination. Nonetheless, tyre-related costs still only account for 3 to 4% of a transport company’s total costs. The two biggest factors are salary costs and fuel costs (approximately 30%). And the latter can be reduced by selecting tyres with appropriate rolling resistance.”

Rolling resistance in combination with tyre pressure

“The easier it is for a truck to roll, the less fuel it will consume. That is why rolling resistance is so important. This value is mentioned on the label of every truck tyre in our webshop. Select the right tyre for each position, and thus create the best possible rolling resistance. Very important: also insert the correct tyre pressure and make sure tyres are properly aligned and balanced. Cost efficiency can be maximised by combining both these factors. Because reducing fuel costs by a few percent is much more efficient than reducing tyre-related costs.”

7 classes for rolling resistance

The label of each truck tyres features a particular value for rolling resistance. There are 7 classes (A to G), which indicate a difference of 7.5% between the highest (A) and the lowest (G) class. There is thus a difference of 7.5% in fuel efficiency between A and G because each of the categories has a particular rolling resistance. The efficiency potential per class is between 0.10 and 0.15 l/100 km.

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