Single or dual air mounting on trucks

With trucks and trailers, there is not really a choice of single or double. Here, the steering axle always has two tyres. For the other axles, you can choose. The axle and the load determine what you go for. For example, if you have a higher axle load on newer vehicles, then you need to make sure that the tyres can support that weight. Note: then the rims must also be able to handle this!
Single or dual air mounting on trucks

Note the load index for single and dual wheels

The type of mounting also determines the load index you should use for the tyre. For a tyre with a load index 154/150, the first number (154) represents the maximum weight rating when mounted single-air. The second number (150) indicates the weight rating when dual-air mounted. In this case, the tyre has a maximum load rating of 3,750 kg (designation 154) when single-air and 3,350 kg (designation 150) when dual-air.

Load capacity of the rim

The maximum axle position must be supported by tyres that can actually carry it. Below we give you an example. A tyre with 160K can carry 4,500 pounds. If you have such a tyre mounted on both sides, then it is perfect for an axle with a load capacity of 9 tons. If the axle has a load capacity of 10 tons, you need tyres of the same size, but with greater load capacity. Then you choose, for example, a tyre with 164K, because these can carry 5,000 kilos. Of course, this will require different rims so that they do not collapse under the weight.

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