Steer axle tyres: what do you look for?

The steer axle is an important position on a truck. After all, it is directly influenced by ever move of the steering wheel. It is thus good to know what you must look out for when buying steer axle tyres that perfectly meet your needs and preferences. We have provided an overview of several properties.
Steer axle tyres: what do you look for?

Good water drainage

Steer axle tyres are first to be exposed to aqua planning. Naturally, you want to avoid this, which means tyres must offer good water drainage. This is indicated by the ‘Grip on wet surface’ label. We always mention whether a tyre features this label; this applies to all tyres in our webshop.

Good steering properties

Because the steer axle is used to steer the truck, it is essential for tyres to have good steering properties. Steering must take place smoothly. In addition, it is also nice when steer axle tyres are effective when it comes to covering many kilometres in a straight line, thus without having to turn to the left or right. So it is important to find a balance between the two.

Maximum roundness

Because steer axle tyres partly determine driver comfort, we recommend choosing tyres with maximum roundness. This helps to keep vibrations to a minimum, and that is immediately felt inside the cab.

What type of vehicle is involved?

Specific steer axle tyres are available for every type of vehicle, so it is useful to know for what purpose the vehicle will be used. For example, if you need tyres for an international coach, it is important for tyres to transport the driver and passengers comfortably over long distances. City buses need steer axle tyres with reinforced side walls because they often come into contact with curbstones. That is why vehicle type and purpose are so important when selecting an appropriate tyre!

Like to know more?

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