Suitable wheels for Euro-6 trucks and HL tyres

There is no getting away from it. For the haulage industry, emissions requirements in Europa are getting stricter all the time, which means that truck manufacturers are constantly developing newer engines. Trucks are currently supplied with a Euro 6 engine as standard. This has consequences for the wheels of these trucks and it means that your customers have a demand for different wheels.
Suitable wheels for Euro-6 trucks and HL tyres

Changes due to Euro 6 engines

No-one would argue against higher engine standards that result in the lowest possible emissions of harmful substances. But these developments have another unexpected consequence, namely that the Euro 6 engine is quite a bit heavier than its predecessor, the Euro 5. And the preceding engine variants.

The 5,000 kg HL wheel

Wheel manufacturers have also had to respond to the demands placed on them by these new engines. This also applies to the tyre manufacturers, As the requirements for Euro 6 trucks are so much greater. We can get you on the road as we have the total tyre and wheel package for High Load (HL) in-house. We have the (fully tested) 5,000 kg HL wheel (11.75-22.5ET120) from Athlete Wheels in stock. So your clients can be back on the road quickly and safely! 

Match with HL tyres

To allow your customers to travel safely, you have to fit the right tyres. With the Euro 6 truck, there is more weight on the front axle, the steering axle. The front tyres must be able to withstand that extra load! This requires HL tyres, such as the Aeolus (ASR69) and Barkley (BL203+), for which we have the right tyres on stock. 

New trailer requirements

In terms of wheels there are also further changes. For trailers we are seeing a steady increase in smaller wheel and tyre sizes. Companies are opting for these due to the maximum height of the trailer and the most efficient use of the available space. Smaller tyres mean they can make the most efficient use of the load space. These (smaller) wheels must be able to bear the same load. Our own brand, Athlete supplies suitable wheels for this.

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