Which rim goes with which truck tyre?

Choosing the right truck tyre is one thing. But what is the ideal rim for it? After all, you want to prevent a rim from not being able to carry the load. Or that the tyre stretches or vibrates because it just doesn't fit properly on the rim. Maurits Bloem is our Product Manager Truck Tyres. He will be happy to tell you how to determine which rim fits which tyre best.
Which rim goes with which truck tyre?

Size, type of vehicle and position

"Ultimately, it's a matter of sizing. The size of the tyre determines to a very large extent which rim goes with it. Then we look at what type of vehicle the tyre will be mounted on and then at what position. These parts are linked to values found on the rim. In fact, each position on the vehicle has a specific type of rim."

What type of brake does the vehicle have?

"The brake components that are on the axle under the vehicle also determine the type of rim. After all, disc brakes and drum brakes have different characteristics and so the rim must also be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this when choosing the right rim. This is not always immediately apparent from the rim information, so feel free to ask us for advice."

Different for each type of truck

"Each truck brand and even each individual type has its own specific characteristics. That's why it's really customized to determine which rim fits it. The disc of the rim is always in a slightly different position, which we call the ET value. Those letters stand for 'Einpresstiefe'. The lower the ET-value of the rim, the further out the wheel will be. We like to determine with our customers what the best rim is for their situation."

In our tyre handbook or in our web shop, under the heading 'recommended rim' and 'permitted rim', you can see exactly what sizes are available. The final choice is of course up to you!

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