Heuver first to test Galileo Cup Wheel

The Galileo Cup Wheel has surprised many with its traction, stability and comfort. Heuver will be first to test these tyres on a peat and clay surface.
Heuver first to test Galileo Cup Wheel

There are few agricultural tyres that have been specially developed for rough surfaces or tough weather conditions. Slipping and soil compaction are common risks when machines are heavily loaded. That is why expectations are so high for the introduction of the Galileo Cup Wheel, which has been specially developed for these circumstances. According to initial reports, the Galileo Cup Wheel excels in three areas: traction, stability and comfort. Heuver will be first to test these tyres of a clay surface. The test has been scheduled for the start of 2020 at one of Heuver’s customers.

Improved comfort, efficiency and traction?

“As tyre pressure decreases, the tyre becomes more like a caterpillar track”, says Enno Schottert, product manager agricultural tyres at Heuver. "The Galileo Cup Wheel offers a larger surface at the same tyre pressure, which means the load is better spread and less track-forming is encountered. The manufacturer says the tyre is more stable and offers better traction and comfort.” 

“We want to perform practical testing to see how the tyre behaves on peat and clay surfaces. That is why we will be using the Galileo Cup Wheel to perform testing at one of our customers at the start of 2020. Will the tyre’s improved traction give drivers better handling in bends, improve comfort in the field and increase efficiency during activities? Naturally, we will inform you as soon as the test results become available.”

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