Joris van der Linde brings even more agricultural knowledge to Heuver

Our new account manager Agriculture can offer you effective tailor-made advice, which is based on his long-standing knowledge in the field. Read more.
Joris van der Linde brings even more agricultural knowledge to Heuver

Joris van der Linde has held the role of account manager Agriculture at Heuver since the start of this year. This marked the arrival of a new, experienced expert, who can tell you everything you need to know about agricultural tyres. Joris can offer you effective tailor-made advice, which is based on his long-standing knowledge in the field.

Farming background

“My career thus far is perfectly in keeping with my current position and the customers I serve. Before I came here, I spent six years as a representative for a renowned agricultural mechanisation company, and before that, I spent ten years in agricultural contracting. So I am very familiar with the agricultural sector and have experienced different sides of it. I worked as a driver and mechanic at a farming business, so I know what to expect in this kind of work. In addition, I still do such activities as a hobby in my spare time; it's in my blood really.”

Asking the right questions

“Thanks to my practical knowledge in agricultural mechanisation, I know exactly how our tyres should be used. This helps me in the work I do at Heuver on a daily basis. Each situation is specific, so you have to understand the finer details in order to offer a good solution. And that means asking the right questions. You can then use the responses to come up with effective ideas. I have also noticed that customers appreciate the ideas I propose. And this helps to create lasting relationships. You can obtain a lot of knowledge from books, but nothing beats the practical experience you gain in the garage or in the field on your tractor. You may have a fantastic machine, but you will not be able to maximise its potential if you do not have the right tyres. That is why it is so important to think carefully about such choices.”

Further professionalisation via specialisation

“Specialisation is extremely important in my role as account manager. Because I have very detailed conversations with customers, we eventually arrive at the best solution for their specific situations. This is a deliberate strategy on my part, but it is in keeping with my approach at Heuver. I initially went from a farming business to the field of agricultural mechanisation, and have now further specialised by offering tyres for agricultural machines. This is precisely the professional know-how that Heuver likes to share with its customers. If I had a difficult tyre-related issue in my previous job, then I would call Heuver. But now I am on the receiving end of that phone call. The effective training I received at Heuver, and our team's many years of experience, helps me to answer all such questions.”

Selecting tyres is not simple

“I have learned many things in my first year a Heuver. Perhaps the most important thing is, that selecting tyres is not a simple thing. If you do your homework, the right tyres will help to maximise the potential of your land and your machines. This aspect really appeals to me. So it pleases me when many of my customers do not see their tyres as a cost item, but as an investment. The good thing about my job is that I can really help people who work in this field. The job never becomes boring because each situation is different. This means the advice I give also differs each time. Agricultural tyres are accompanied by an endless range of knowledge and possibilities, and I really enjoy making the most of them together with my customers. My aim is to exceed the expectations of every customer.”

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