Aeolus makes statement in 2017 with sales record for truck tyres in Europe

-PRESS RELEASE- Importer Heuver Tyrewholesale has never sold more Aeolus truck tyres in a single year than last year. Sales results from 2016 improved by an impressive 10%. The improvement can be attributed to Aeolus’ increasing reputation as a high quality brand and the launch of the new Aeolus NEO series. Aeolus has now reached the top of the market and will continue to expand in 2018.
Aeolus makes statement in 2017 with sales record for truck tyres in Europe

Sales increase of 10%

“We have been convinced about the quality of Aeolus tyres ever since they were launched over 10 years ago”, says Jeroen Vos, product manager Aeolus truck tyres. “We knew this top quality brand was something really special and it is fantastic to hear that every section of the market agrees with us: Aeolus has truly been accepted as a top quality brand. This is reflected in our sales record for 2017, as well as the references of our customers. The first types in the NEO series also played a role in achieving the sales record. We are extremely proud to have reached such heights with Aeolus and are very pleased with the recognition. In total, 2017 saw us exceed the sales figure realised in 2016 by an impressive 10%. This increase in sales confirms that Aeolus is highly appreciated and implemented by users in Europe.”

Top of the truck tyre market

“We have been able to perform so effectively with Aeolus because of our partnership with Pirelli. All Aeolus tyres are produced under patent and licence from Pirelli, which is part of the Promoteon Group. It is the ultimate top-quality brand and expresses Aeolus’ current status. The NEO series was also a major introduction in 2017. And the NEO Allroads T2 and the NEO Fuel S and Fuel D made an important contribution to our success. But we will continue to expand in 2018. The NEO series continues to grow thanks to various types and many interesting sizes, with new types also being launched this year. Naturally, we want to retain our strong position and standing, and additions to the NEO series mean we can look forward to the future with confidence.” 

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