Anti-dumping levy confirmed on metal wheels from China

In response to an anti-dumping procedure, the European Commission has announced a definitive import levy on metal wheels from China. This levy ranges from 50.3% to 66.4% for various manufacturers.
Anti-dumping levy confirmed on metal wheels from China

Heuver anticipated in good time

Due to the impending anti-dumping levy on metal wheels from China, we worked with the factory to relocate production activities for Athlete wheel rims. We can thus continue to offer you effective service and deliveries. 

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About the anti-dumping investigation

On 15 February 2019, the European Commission decided to open an anti-dumping investigation under article 5 of the Basic Regulation. This related to metal wheels imported into the European Union from China. This was done in response to a complaint submitted by the Association of European Wheel Manufacturers (EUWA) on 3 January 2019, on behalf of manufacturers that account for over 25% of all metal wheels produced in the EU. The evidence that accompanied the compliant - about dumping and the damage it causes - was deemed sufficient to initiate an investigation.

The investigation related to metal wheels, which are used on the road, possibly with tyres and accessories, and intended for:

  • trucks;
  • motor vehicles for transporting people and/or goods;
  • vehicles for special purposes (for example, fire engines and spraying lorries);
  • trailers or semi-trailers, without own propulsion, for the above mentioned vehicles;

The following products were not considered in the investigation:

  • metal wheels intended for industrial assembly on pedestrian-controlled tractors, which currently fall under section 8701 10;
  • wheels for road-worthy quads;
  • wheel spokes - metal and cast in one piece;
  • wheels for motorised vehicles which are specially intended for use off the public highway (for example, wheels for agricultural or forestry tractors, fork-lift trucks, push-back trucks, off-road dumpers);
  • wheels for trailers used by passenger vehicles and caravans, without own propulsion, with a rim diameter of maximum 16 inches;
  • wheels for trailers or semi-trailers which are specially intended for use off the public highway (for example, wheels for agricultural trailers and other drawn agricultural vehicles used in fields).

The definitive anti-dumping level per company:

Company Dumping margin (%) Loss margin (%) Final anti-dumping claim (%)
Xingmin Intelligent Transportations Systems Co., Ltd 69,4 50,3


Tangshan Xingmin Wheels Co., Ltd 69,4 50,3


Xianning Xingmin Wheels Co., Ltd 69,4 50,3


Other collaborating companies

69,4 50,3


All other companies

80,1 66,4 66,4

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