Heuver at least energy neutral

- PRESS RELEASE - Heuver at least energy neutral after installation of
another 1,518 solar panels
Heuver at least energy neutral

The Heuver warehouse already had 1,632 solar panels on the roof. This meant that the company was already at least energy-neutral. But as Heuver grows, the sustainable energy supply must also continue to grow. This has now happened, as a further 1,518 solar panels have been installed, which have again been supplied by Mijn Energiefabriek.

Sustainable vision

Director Bertus Heuver: "At the start of the development of the new building, we were already thinking about reducing energy consumption. Shortly after the start, we took the final decision. Because if we meet the standard of 'very sustainable utility construction' in terms of building design, then in this day and age we cannot ignore the most efficient energy management. We are already actively working on CSR solutions in many areas. So installing solar panels on our enormous roof fits in with that vision. We opted for a large-scale approach in order to be able to work at least energy-neutral. We expect to generate more than we consume, so we give that back to society. With a total of more than 3,100 solar panels, we are facing the future with confidence."

Immense project

Based on calculations, the 1,632 existing panels, which are linked to six inverters, produce more than 366,000 kilowatt hours annually. The 1,518 new panels have a capacity of 561.66 kWp. Bertus Heuver: "That's not nothing. We simply believe that we should do our bit for the environment. This was an excellent opportunity. We can achieve a lot of good things with solar energy.”

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