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  • Which OTR tyres should you use for specific machines?

    Machines in the OTR or EM (Earthmover) categories have a unique code for their tyres. We are pleased to give you an overview, so you know which OTR tyres you should be using on specific machines.

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  • Background of OTR tyres

    Many OTR tyres are not only used off-road. In many situations, vehicles also drive on hardened surfaces or public roads at above average speeds. In such cases, it is important to pay attention to the tyre’s speed marking. However, you must also keep an eye on other factors.

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Which type of tyre is best suited to a specific machine? What is the life-span? These are just a couple of the questions received by our OTR specialists. Whatever the question, we always provide the right answer. Our employees have specific knowledge about deployment and sustainability. We see your requests as a challenge and are thus able to offer suitable tyres for every purpose and machine. 

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