12.00R20 AEOLUS HN08 154/149K TT SET M+S

Size 12.00R20
Profile HN08
Recommended rim 8.5 - 20
Fuel efficiency
Wet grip
Sound (decibel)

This Aeolus truck tyre will meet your needs! It has been specially developed for all axles axle for product.descriptionText.usage.options.on_off transport. The specifications of this Aeolus are impressive. It offers you a rating of C in the ´grip on a wet surface´ category. In this regard, it can be classed as good. The tyre features Ja markings. It has an energy label of C, which means it has a advantageous impact on fuel consumption. In addition, the tyre creates rolling noise equivalent to 71db product.descriptionText.soundWave.options.2.

The truck tyre has a pattern depth of 17.5 mm, weighs 80.47 kilograms and should preferably be driven at a pressure of 8.3 bar.