12.00R20 PIRELLI TG85 154/150K (156G) TT M+S 3PMSF

Size 12.00R20
Profile TG85
Recommended rim 8.5 B8.5 8.50V - 20
Fuel efficiency
Wet grip
Sound (decibel)

This Pirelli truck tyre will meet your needs! It has been specially developed for the drive axle axle for product.descriptionText.usage.options.on_off transport. The specifications of this Pirelli are impressive. It offers you a rating of B in the ´grip on a wet surface´ category. In this regard, it can be classed as very good. The tyre features Ja and 3pmsf markings. In addition, the tyre creates rolling noise equivalent to 75db product.descriptionText.soundWave.options.2.

The truck tyre has a pattern depth of 19.5 mm, weighs 70.8 kilograms and should preferably be driven at a pressure of 0 bar.