Is there a difference in tyres for farmers and agricultural contractors?

In the past, everything was clear: farmers had small tractors and trailers and agricultural contractors had large machines, which could be rented by farmers. They thus had different needs when it came to agricultural tyres. But things are no longer so black and white. Enno Schottert, Product manager Agriculture at Heuver, explains the ongoing shift in this area.
Is there a difference in tyres for farmers and agricultural contractors?

Larger machines due to increases in scale

“In the meantime, most farmers have also become real entrepreneurs with their own machines. Due to increases in scale, they are automatically erring towards larger machines and are becoming very conscious about their tyre choices. Some farm holdings are even bigger than most agricultural contractors as far as scale is concerned.”

Reducing soil compaction

These days, both target groups have the same need for information, says Enno Schottert: “We spend a lot of time talking to our agricultural customers about how they can prevent soil compaction. They are becoming increasingly aware that their choice of tyres plays an important role. The right tyres can help you to maximise your harvest. They are thus an investment that certainly pays off. There is now also more choice when it comes to tyres, which means advice is always tailor-made.”

IF/VF tyre inflation system

IF and VF tyres, in particular, possibly in combination with a tyre inflation system, are becoming very popular. This is something that hasn't escaped the attention of Enno Schottert: “More machines feature these tyres in the meantime. That's logical because you can drive with low pressure in the fields, and then start driving on roads at high pressure thanks to a tyre inflation system. This means you always create the ideal situation, with minimum soil compaction and maximum savings in fuel costs.”


The activities carried out by farmers and agricultural contractors are very similar these days. The need for information is important to both of them. So no, there is no longer a difference in tyres for farmers and agricultural contractors. Also not in the advice they receive. Whether you are a farmer or an agricultural contractor, we will always offer your comprehensive and personal advice.

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