Solutions for difficult conditions

Modern combinations of tractors and agricultural machines continue to become heavier. However, this can cause many problems with poor site conditions. The vehicles will sink into the ground, the soil structure will be damaged, grip will decrease and fuel consumption will increase.
Solutions for difficult conditions

The principle of dual wheels can be useful in such circumstances: this involves mounting an extra wheel next to the existing tractor wheel. Many people prefer to do this rather than mount wider (IF/VF) tyres. That's because the dual wheel system is a practical and financially appealing solution.
Using an extra wheel next to the existing tractor wheel is advantageous because it offers extra traction and reduces track-forming or soil damage. In addition, fuel consumption is reduced and tyres are less likely to slip, reducing wear and tear.

Consider the following points when implementing the dual wheel principle:

  • Diameter
  • Static load radius
  • Width
  • Desired row spacing

This will allow you to make the most of your dual wheel system in practice. 
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