TRA codes create transparency

Internationally standardised TRA codes can be used to select appropriate (earth-moving) tyres for specific machines. They can be used to instantly see which tyres are suitable for a particular purpose.

Fixed codes

The TRA code is recognised as an international benchmark and is issued by the ISO (International Standard Organisation), the ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Organisation), the TRA (Tyre and Rim Association) and the JATMA (Japan Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association).
These organisations have defined 4 types of earth-moving tyres - based on their purpose - and industrial tyres. The designated category can be found on the side of the tyre. A distinction has been made between:


Use Profiles
C = Compactor (road-building machines and rollers) 1 = Ribbed
L = Loader & Dozer (shovels en bulldozers) 2 = Traction
G = Grader (scrapers) 3 = Rock
E = Earthmover (tippers and dump trucks) 4 = Rock (deep tread)
IND = Industrial 5 = Rock (very deep tread)
  5S = Smooth (very deep tread)


There are various profile depths and profile patterns in the above -mentioned categories - again, determined by the purpose - which are identified using a number. The number in question is displayed on the side of the tyre in combination with the (above-mentioned) letter. The side of the tyre also features markings for the tyre and rim size, the load index, the manufacturer's name and product type and details about the tyre type (tubeless or not, radial or diagonal).
Tyres suitable for road-building machines like rollers (compactors) are often only available in a few types - ‘C1’ and ‘C2’; both of which have a smoother profile. People who want standard tyres for e.g. shovels can opt for ‘L3’; however, ‘L5’ is available for heavy-duty use, like in mines. TRA codes make it easy to quickly find tyres which perfectly match the intended purpose.


Each tyre has its own specifications. That is why tyres must only be used for their designated purpose. Abnormalities and special geometric conditions encountered by machines can also influence tyre performance. The experts at Heuver Tyrewholesale can find appropriate solutions for all situations, which means ordered tyres can be used with complete peace of mind.

TRA Code (EM)

Code Profile Use
C1 Smooth Compactor
E1 Ribbed Earthmover, transport
E2 Traction Earthmover, transport
E3 Rock Earthmover, transport
E4 Rock (deep tread) Earthmover, transport
E7 Flotation Earthmover, transport
G1 Ribbed Grader
G2 Traction Grader
G3 Rock Grader
G4 Rock (deep tread) Grader
G5 Rock (very deep tread) Grader
L2 Traction Loader, dozer
L3 Rock Loader, dozer
L4 Rock (deep tread) Loader, dozer
L5 Rock (very deep tread) Loader, dozer
L3S Smooth Loader, dozer
L4S Smooth (deep tread) Loader, dozer
L5S Smooth (very deep tread) Loader, dozer